Things to do When all your Friends are getting Married and you are still Single

Are all your friends are getting married and you are still single? Don’t be disappointed and shattered, enjoy your bachelorhood , this singlehood will never come back once you will get married. Your someone special is just on his way , be patient and wait for your Mr.right. You can do a lot of things before you get married, check out the to do list.

Party Hard : Party hard like anything with your other remaining single friends and dance like no one is watching you.

Spend time with family : Home is where your family is. Spend more time with family before you get married, you will miss them surely after marriage.

Focus on your career : Get a job if you are unemployed, if you are already doing job then focus more on your career plans.

Hang out with Younger cousins or siblings : You can always share your feelings with your siblings , get to know them more and hang out with them.

Be Awesome : Keep your attitude cool and don’t give a F**k about anything . It’s going to be LEGEN wait for it DARY.

Watch “FRIENDS” : Download all the seasons of FRIENDS and watch them on repeat mode, you will never get bored with it.

Shopping : Shopping is always fun , buy all the things which you always wanted to and fill your closet with all new items.

Learn new things : Develop hobbies like Dancing, cooking, music . It’s a great stress buster and you will get to learn something new as well.

Make new friends : Forget about your married friends , they are boring. Make new single friends in your circle with whom you have something in common and hang out with them more often.

More savings : Save more if you are single, once you will be married your bank balance will be zero.

Travel alone :If no one is travelling with you, pack your bags and go for a trip alone, be adventurous in life and spend time with yourself.

EAT SLEEP REPEAT : If you have nothing to do in life then just on EAT SLEEP REPEAT mode and be AWESOME.

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