Fashion Tips : What to wear this Holi

As we all know holi is festival of colors, so chances are whatever you wear will get coloured and you can’t wear them again. So wear old clothes or one you don’t wish to wear in future will be the answer . But if you are looking for a style inspiration , you can choose to opt for plain black or white kurtis with colorful dupattas paired with salwars or leggings. You can also choose to opt for loose T-shirts and style Pajamas . Dont go for transparent clothes as it will engage unfavourable attention. Avoid fabrics like Linen, Georgette or Crepe as when you will get wet they will stick to your body .

Go for Cotton fabric as they will not be too sticky to your body and will get dry easily in sun when you will get wet . Try to cover your body and wear full sleeves clothes so that the colors will not damage your skin unless it is not organic. The idea here is just that the more you cover your body , the lesser the chances of damaging your skin with harmful colors. Be comfortable with what you are wearing because when you will comfortable you will definitely enjoy more.

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