How to survive a Long Distance Relationship

Mostly people believe that long distance relationships never works , but that’s not true at all. To handle a Long distance relationship can be tough but not unattainable. Here are the following things one should consider while being in a long distance relationship:-

• Avoid too much of communication:

There is no need to be sticky to each other . Many couples think that more communication will help in maintaining their relationship but that’s not true. Talk to your partner by maintaining a space so that your partner gets the time to miss your presence. Remember “Less is more”.

• Create Trust:

Trust plays an important role in a relationship. And if you are in a long distance relationship then it is the most important factor. One should trust their partner that whatever he/she says or do is all true. Be honest with your partner and tell him/her everything about your day or if you are out somewhere or even if you have made any mistake. Cultivate trust in your relationship.

• Make each other feel special:

Try to do little things that makes your partner comfortable. Care about the things which your partner likes. Send small gifts or flowers or anything through internet.You can also send love letters or post cards to each other (It still works).

• Remain positive:

Try to focus on the positive aspects of the distance such as your partner’s hobbies, education, interests or career aims. Just try to realise that the distance will help both of you to be more creative and expressive.

• Avoid worst situations:

Give space to your partner. If you know that your partner is going to some club or is occupied at work or is out with friends, instead of arguing with your partner, give him/her space so as to reassure him/her. Nobody wants to be in control or bounded. Try to make your relationship perfect by giving respect to each others views and space.

• Support each other:

“I am always there for you”- Prove the statement when your partner needs you. Be there for your partner if he/she is any trouble or hurt or disturbed. Make your partner realise that you do care about him/her. Supporting each other creates an interdependence between the couple.

• Do things together:

Make out time for each other and try to do things together. Do video calls, play online games, watch something on television or internet at the same time and discuss things, laugh together, crack jokes, recommend each other books, T.V shows to each other.

• Call your partner with cute names:

Believe it or not , but it’s really cute. It keeps the essence of your love going and makes you feel so lovey dovey. Call your partner with cute love pet names.

• Be committed to each other:

Be open and expressive about your feelings. Make your partner realise that you are committed to him/her and there is no space for insecurity. Take your relationship to another level and wait for your partner to come back so that you two can start your relationship together.

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