How to take care of your Skin this Summer

Summer has almost approached and this is the time when our skin needs more protection. Healthy and glowing skin is the reflection of one’s personality. Thus, summers require you to pay special attention to your skin. Excessive heat and hot winds not only tans the skin but also causes the clogging of our skin pores as the sweat get coupled with dust. UV Sun rays also speed up the ageing process, dark spots, wrinkles and dry skin.

Following are some useful tips which you should keep in mind for skin during Summer:-

1) Hydrate yourself: Nothing is better than water. Drinking lots of water will help your skin remain moisturised. Water also helps to flush out the toxins and wastes that accumulate in the body. Try to have fluids like Buttermilk, Coconut water, Juices, for keeping your body cool and hydrated.

2) Use Sunscreen: The best way to protect your skin is to apply Sunscreen. Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before stepping out. Sunscreen prevents your skin from skin darkening and dry skin and also helps in protecting your skin from UV Sun rays. So, always opt for a good Sunscreen which has moisturiser.

3) Fruits & Veggies Intake: Go for more juicy fruits like watermelon, grapes, pomegranate as they give you anti-oxidants and nutrients. Include green vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, Beetroot as they help in improving your immune system. Try to avoid too much salty and fried snacks.

4) Use of Face packs & Toners: Toner removes dirt, moisturises the skin and maintains the pH level. It refreshes your skin. You can simply use the rose water as it has natural cooling properties that are excellent for summer. Just start applying rose water every night and you will notice that your skin gets clear and glowing. Also, you can try homemade face masks like, Turmeric powder, Yogurt, Honey; Lemon and Aloevera pack. Plain yogurt mixed with honey makes a good cleanser which helps in moisturising the skin.

5) Exfoliate: Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin that gets accumulated on the skin. Use a sponge to scrub off the dead skin. You can prepare a homemade scrub by preparing a paste of gram flour, rose water, milk and a pinch of turmeric. Apply it on your face and neck and leave it for 10-15 mins. Rinse it off and you will get a refreshing skin. Do this atleast twice a week. Exfoliation also helps in improving blood circulation to the face.

6) Protect your skin by using Hats, Sunglasses, Umbrellas. And for keeping your lips soft, use a good lip balm.

7) Try to remain indoors in between 11am to 4pm as much as possible.

Keep in mind all the above mentioned useful skin care tips so that you can have fresh, clear and glowing skin. So, get ready to face this summer confidently by following the mentioned skin care tips.

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