WORLD HEALTH DAY : What promise you can make to yourself

Today (7th April ) – World Health Day is a health awareness campaign which is sponsored by WHO , so i have some list for you which you can follow this year and make promise to yourself that you will not compromise with your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Exercise

Exercise is the best thing to do to relax your mind and body. If you can’t get involved in a full time workout, opt for walking, yoga , stretching or climb staircases. If you are fit , your brain and body will automatically be more active and stress free.

2. Eat healthy

Avoid all junk and processed foods and start eating healthy food, that is, fruits and vegetables. We all know that fast food only deteriorates our health. So, make food at home and eat healthy. Fruits and vegetables are extremely healthy and friendly foods. They are rich in nutrients and fiber.

3. Never miss the breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of our day. Never skip the breakfast. You should eat a healthy and high fiber breakfast like cereals, oats, eggs. These are easily digestable and another metabolism booster.

4. Get enough sleep

Getting proper sleep is important for your mind and body This is because less sleep leads to daily fluctuations in your appetite hormones, leading to poor appetite regulation. You should get a sleep of minimum 7-8 hours.

5. Unplug Yourself for a while

Repeat this in a day for 3-4 times. Silence your phone, switch off the TV and music, Don’t surf anything on the internet and take a nap. Doing these activities will make you think on the things you need to focus in your life and will improve your mood. Silence is good for your mind.

6. Meditation

Mediation will help your mind to relax and let go of it what is not required in your life unnecessarily. Meditation holds the power to your peace of mind, learn patience and improve your inner self .

7. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water helps in maintaing your weight and makes you hydrated. It eliminates toxins from your body and boosts up your metabolism. And it is added fact, that drinking plenty of water is useful for glowing skin.

Living a healthy lifestyle boosts up your confidence and thus improves your personality. Your personality plays an important role in personal as well as professional live. If a person has been living an unhealthy lifestyle that is not a problem, but not trying for a healthy lifestyle is a problem. So be positive and determined and achieve your goals. There is nothing impossible.

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