9 Rules for a Happy Married Life

Marriage is the most precious step in anyone’s life , it brings two souls together and is a sacred knot for the rest of our life after the day it took place . It is a saying that “Marriage is just two imperfect people unwilling to give up on each other” but it is much more than that. There are some basic rules every couple should follow for a happy married life .

1. In couples both of them should not be angry at the same time. If one is angry then the other one should not argue and listen to it very silently and vice versa. Couples should maintain their patience and anger issues to have a happy life, it only reflects your relationship but will also ruin your child’s life.

2. Never bring up the past fights or old mistakes, it only disturbs your relationship. There is no reason to bring up the past unnecessary just to win an argument, just let go of the past and move on.

3. Never go to sleep without resolving your fight and argument. Don’t stretch your fight for more than 24 hours as once you start the argument it makes you more annoyed and resentful.

4. Adjustment is the key for a happy and successful married life. Always try to adjust as much you can and adapt each other likes and dislikes. Even if you have criticize to your partner do it with politeness it doesn’t hurt much.

5. Everyone demands some respect from their partners so respect each other and accept them with their imperfection. Never insult each other with nasty words and arguments in public or private life both.

6. Never do something that your spouse doesn’t like and stop nagging all the time .Always try to compromise for your beloved one to make them feel special. It is a great feeling to make your spouse happy and do something for them.

7. If you want to make your relationship a perfect one, then keep your ego aside. We easily forget the love and compromises and sacrifices that our partner has done for us. But we simply hold on with our anger and grudges and the relationship gets worse.

8. Spend more and more time with your spouse. A common complain that we get to hear a lot from our partner is, “You have no time for me and for this relationship”. We are so busy in our lives that we forget to spend quality time with our loved ones. Do surprise them occasionally.

9. If you want your marriage to be a successful one, change your approach towards sex. Research shows that couples who get intimate often are likely to be more happy and in love than others. You should not consider as a duty or shame, do it with passion and love.

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  • April 14, 2018 at 9:44 am

    all boys should follow these steps


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