What will happen if you compare yourself to others on social media?

This is the biggest question in Today’s world. When people connect and compare their life with social media, they feel unhappy , depressed and heartbroken. Social media is a platform to connect with family and friends that have been drifted but it have done more harm than good. People are not happy with what they have. Social media has now have become a platform to just show-off with what they have even if its not true and keep on comparing their life with others. This is not the reality , you are not seeing the other side of the story. Reality is what lost on social media.

Every time we open social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Snapchat, etc we find ourselves socially comparing our lives with others and feeling disheartened then we think this is what we want and this makes you jealous and insecure. People are so obsessed with others lives that they even forgot they have better things to do in their life as well.

What we are seeing these days is perfect pictures, perfect life, perfect family and the feeling of depression you feel when you scroll down the news feed often results from comparing our true reality to our “friends’” idealized, perfectly realities. We are not recognizing the fact how unfair these comparisons are.

Children are not giving time to their families and spending more time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Whats app, Snapchat, etc They keep on checking and stalking what their friends are upto , what clothes they are wearing, check ins, engaged status, perfect pictures, perfect life but this is not reality. We are just wasting our time and energy on this and be happy with what you have even if it’s very little.

You only see the “HAPPY “part on Social media, What you don’t see are the same things you don’t post about themselves : like fights with loved ones, family drama, insecurities, problems at work.

How to STOP IT?

1. Stop spending more time on social media, it creates negativity.

2. Spend more time with your family, hang out with your friends, explore the world.

3. Do something more creative like writing blogs, reading novels , etc.

4. Be more health conscious, instead of spending your time on Social media go for Gym, walk, do exercise , do yoga , etc.

5. Use Social media just for fun and entertainment, do not relate your life with it.

6. Set your priorities in Life and focus on achieving your goals and dreams.

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