List of Best fruits to eat during Summers

The summer is basically a dry season; due to this the body may lose its water content and will lead to dehydration. In summers one should consume healthy fruits that have high water content and also contain minerals and vitamins in order to keep your body hydrated and energized. Here are some best fruits you can try this summer:


Watermelon is a very low calorie, healthy and juicy fruit once can eat in summer. It is a very high water content fruit and contains Vitamin A, B and C which will help you in preventing from heat strokes and also beneficial for the bones and muscles.


Kiwi is a perfect choice of fruit in summer as it fat free and can help you in reducing your weight as well. Kiwi has contents like fiber, potassium, Vitamin C and E. It also helps in reducing the eye problems and promotes a better sound sleep.


Papaya fruit is available throughout the year and helps you to maintain your weight. Papaya is very good for your digestive system , fights constipation and boosts your immunity system.


Muskmelon is also a very high water content fruit which keeps you hydrated in summers and detoxifies your body. It is very low calorie and low on cholesterol level. Eating muskmelon in summers helps you in your skin texture and prevents you from acidity.


Pineapple is very delicious to eat and contains great nutritional values like dietary fiber , Vitamin C and minerals. It also have a content Bromelain which helps you in digestion , constipation and burns fat.


There are different varieties of mango available only during summers. This fruit is high in sugar so it is not recommended for the diabetic patients. Mango fruit is loaded with fiber, antioxidants, iron, minerals and Vitamin C. It helps to maintain a healthy heart and also prevents you from cancer.


Lychee fruit is juicy and mouth watering fruit in summers. It contains fiber, rich protein, vitamins, citric acid, iron, B complex and vitamin C. It strengthens your immunity power in your body and protects your skin from sun UV rays and defends your body from harmful viruses.

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