10 Signs that shows you are an Independent Strong women

In today’s world, it’s very important to become independent strong women. Being Independent is the must thing that we need to follow as women as they don’t need to follow the crowd. Each of us needs to take our life decisions on our own and stop getting bothered about societal norms. Here are some signs that shows you are independent women:

1. More Confident

If you have a more confident personality and a stronger attitude, it shows you much stronger women emotionally and mentally. The world is full of differences, and a lot of us seek different things from our lives, you just need to show your own side of opinion.


2. Career Oriented

It’s important for every woman out there to have their own identity. If you are giving equal importance to your career as you are giving it to your family, then you are an independent career oriented women and have some goals to accomplish in life.

3. Enjoy your own company

There can be times when none of your friends or relatives will be available for you due to any circumstances, Self determined women don’t depend on anyone , they enjoy their own company and do their own little things beautifully.


4. Started paying your bills

When you are no longer financially dependent on your parents and family and started paying your own bills then you are on the way girl.

5. Saving money for your future

When you have learned how much money you need to spend, when to spend and have set a limit to spend, it means you know the value of money. An independent woman knows the importance of money and save money for their future as well.


6. Multi -talented

A self reliant women is multi talented when it comes to take care of their house and family and managing their career. Only women can do household chores, managing family and also making her career.

7. Not afraid to take risks

A smart, an independent woman isn’t afraid to take a risks whenever necessary as she knows even if she fails to do something she can fix it and able to handle the consequences of it.


8. She is Honest

When she is honest , respectful, strong mindset , then you can’t play around with that women because she has high moral values and a believe in herself and will strongly stand for herself.

9. Don’t have high expectations

Humans are way too emotional and problems arise when you have too many expectations from someone. When She is powerful ,tough and don’t expect much from you she is much more stronger than you think.

10. She encourages others

When people rely on you for opinions related to money , relationships, career and more , it means they are dependable on you and think you are the right person to give them opinions and advices.

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