6 Reasons : Why crying is actually good for your Health

Crying often doesn’t mean you are weak, it indicates that you are much a stronger person to let go out of our emotions like worries, tensions through crying. Reason behind crying can be anything but it consoles you from emotional trauma most times when you are in depression, anger or feel hurt .Emotional pain is any day more painful than physical pain. Well scientific research shows that crying is actually good for our health. Have a look at some of the benefits of crying:

1. Cleans Toxins from your body

Crying actually helps to clean out toxins and a stress hormones from our body. Crying relieves Endorphins a natural pain killer which can help your body to not overload with the emotions. So don’t feel weak next time when you cry.

2. Improves your eye sight

Crying also improves your eye sight and helps you with a better vision. It actually moisturized your eyelashes and eyeballs when the dust particles or toxin water comes out from your eyes in the form of crying.

3. Uplift Mood

There are many ways to uplift or elevate your mood but crying will be the best for everyone. While crying you will be upset for sometime but after that you will realize that mood is much better and your will feel light weighted .

4. Relief from emotional baggage

Crying is an excellent way of letting go of our emotional burden or baggage from our life. When we cry and let that hurt feelings out of our system, it gives us relief from such pain. Crying is good because it helps you to bottled up all your emotions you had buried within you and let go of negativity and your anger issues.

5. Tears kills the bacteria

An enzyme called Lysozyme is found in our tears which breaks the bacteria present in and kills it , also protect our eyes and body from this bacteria and give you a sound sleep. So what if you are crying you are doing some good for yourself by killing bacteria.

6. Helps you to feel better

When you cry it means you have accepted the pain and the fact that nothing is going change now, so you come out with a stronger and a better person in life. A good crying helps you in getting over the circumstances and move on with your life.


Crying allows you to let out everything you have been holding back in the past. You may feel upset and lonely for the time being, but in reality it actually makes you stronger. Even the strongest among us are human, and we all cry. Crying lets everything out so you can start again and move on in life.

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