How to Clean your Diamond ring at home

Diamonds are precious and your diamond jewellery can become pale, dull and full of dirt if you wear it regularly. If not being cleaned regularly, it can lose its metallic brightness and glow and in long term, would turn into pale and dark. However in order to maintain its spark and shine, you can use some simple methods to clean it at home.

1. Put dish wash liquid in 2 cups of warm water and mix it well, then put your diamond jewellery for some time and clean it with clean cloth.

2. Take an old toothbrush and clean your jewellery with toothpaste and put it in warm water for some time to give it a shining look.

3. Mix shampoo and liquid dish wash together in water and drop your diamond studs there for some time and clean it with cotton.

4. Make a paste of Baking soda and some drops of water and rub the paste on your diamonds very gently then wash it with warm water.

5. Avoid wearing diamonds at kitchen and keep it away from lotions and cream to maintain its charm. You can also soak it in body wash and water for 20-30 minutes and clean it gently with soft brush .

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