How to deal with a nasty Break – Up

I know how painful or heart breaking break ups can be for anyone which can end up making us emotionally and mentally low. There is no CTRL+DEL button in our heart to just clear the memories of that particular person. With break ups you tend to learn more about yourself and in a way it makes you stronger emotionally. Here are some ways everyone should try to deal with a breakup:

1. Always end a relationship with dignity and say whatever you wanted to say from a very long time so that you will get a closure to move on.

2. Try to stay not in touch with your EX at all, which means no stalking, no phone calls and no messages.

3. Talk to your close friends about it as only they will understand the pain you are going through right now and will give you the best advises.

4. It’s okay to feel sad and cry. It simply means you are emotional and you have a heart too that have loved him/her way to much.

5. Focus more on your career and career oriented in life because that’s all you have right now. Working hard will divert your mind from the current situation and will motivate you.

6. Do things that makes you happy and Listen to your heart and do whatever. You can explore shopping, cooking, dancing, gymming etc. Eat your favorite food at your favorite restaurants. Do what you love, what you like.

7. Go out and party with your friends. You live only once, don’t waste your tears on someone who doesn’t deserve you. In fact make celebrations and go out for parties with friends and start a new phase of your life.

8. Give time to yourself, “Time heals everything”, take time from your busy schedule and give yourself a little break. Love yourself with more confidence and you will feel surely better.

9. Don’t lose your hope in Love. Just because one person have not understood your worth it doesn’t mean nobody will. Give time to your self and you will definitely find your right one one day.

10. Try to Spend time more with Family .” Home is where your family is”. Always remember you have to move on for you and your family as well. Live for those who live for you not for them who left you.

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