7 Home remedies to remove Sun Tanning this Summer

Summers are already here. And one of the main problem that we have to face is Tanning. People choose to cover up their arms and legs but face and neck is exposed to sun. Tanning is caused due to the exposure to the ultra violet radiations from the sun.

Here are some home remedies to remove tanning easily:

1) Turmeric & Gram flour

The gram flour removes the dead cells and impurities from the skin and Turmeric gives your skin tone a natural glow. Take 2-3 spoons of gram flour and add a pinch of turmeric powder and mix it with milk to make a paste. Apply this mixture on your tanning area and gently scrub it. Wast it with lukewarm water. Daily use of this will help in reducing tan from your skin.

2) Yogurt & Tomato

Yogurt moisturizes your skin naturally whereas tomatoes act as a natural tan remover due to its citric properties. Take tomato pulp or you can grate it also and mix it with 1-2 spoons of yogurt and few drops of lemon juice. Apply the paste on your face and neck and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Rinse it off with normal water. Do this 2-3 times a week to see results for tan removal.

3) Potato & Lemon

Grate a potato and take out the juice, then add it with lemon juice. Take a cotton ball and apply the juice on your face and neck for 30 minutes and wash it off.

4) Papaya & Honey

Papayas are not only good for health but for skin too. All you have to do is mash some papaya and add honey to it. Apply the pack on your face and neck and let it leave for 30 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water for best results.

5) Cucumber & Rose water

Cucumber has a cooling effect and helps remove tan. Take The cucumber juice and add some rose water and a few drops of lemon juice. Take the cotton ball and dab the mixture on your face and neck. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off.

6) Oatmeal & Buttermilk

Oats act as natural exfoliate and buttermilk helps to soothe your skin. Make a paste of oatmeal and buttermilk. Massage your face with the paste in circular motion for 10-15 minutes and rinse. Do this scrubbing 2-3 times a week to see better results.

7) Sandalwood & Rose water

Sandalwood powder is a magic to your beautiful skin. It has cooling properties and improves the texture and tone of your skin. All you need to do is take 2-3 spoons of sandalwood powder and make a paste using rose water. Apply the paste on your face and neck and let it dry. Then wash it with cold water.

The above mentioned homemade face masks will help in the removal of tan from your skin. But it is also advisable to take necessary preventive measures for tanning.

• Avoid going outside during the daytime.
• Always use a Sunscreen with higher SPF.
• Try to cover your body by wearing full but light clothes.
• Always carry umbrellas, sunglasses for extra protection.

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