7 Reasons Why Engineers company are best to stick with

My best friend is an engineer, my brother is an engineer, and I know they are two of the best people I know. It’s not just about my relationship with them, it’s that engineers are the best company to keep around. And here are the 5 reasons

1. Very friendly

Engineers are known to be very friendly. They know the best places to hang out at. They are always good to share things with.

2. Over caring/possessive

They’re the kind of people who care too much, who gets possessive when they know you’re with the wrong kind of people, and they’d do anything to keep you out of harm’s way

3. Always helpful

They’re always helpful. Engineers would always help you in studies, break ups, projects, and hard times


4. Giving good advices

Engineers are always down to Earth. They always know what to say, when to say. They give the best advice, no matter how hard it is to do, they just happen to know the right solution.


5. Multi talented

Engineers are always multi-talented. They know how to do drama, how to play guitar, how to be a gamer, and God knows what. They’re always good in these extracurricular activities.

6. They are Funny

Engineers company is way too fun . They are funny, they know how to cheer your mood , how to do sarcasm and you will never get bored with them.


7. They are hardworking

Engineers are always hard working, they are very passionate about their work and career oriented. They don’t like to just sit idle in life and do nothing.


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