25 Things everyone deserves in a Relationship

A good relationship is not only about being happy and romantic all the time but also about accepting each other’s weirdness and flaws. It is a two way street where you need to give than much more you are given. It is about finding happiness together. It is about giving support to each other.At times a small fight is considered to be normal but important thing is that you make up with that fight or argument. Here are the things that everyone deserves in a relationship.

1) Someone who always take care of your little things.

2) Someone who makes you smile and laugh with lane and silly jokes and a great sense of humor.

3) Someone who will always take a stand for you, even when you cannot take it.

4) Someone who is like a best friend to you, with whom you can share everything.

5) You should feel that security with your partner without any fear that your partner is always there for you.

6) You should feel the love and passion of your partner.

7) Someone who respects your differences. Nobody is perfect or the same, so a couple should have respect to each other’s views.

8) Someone whose little gesture will make your day.

9) Someone who never makes you feel ashamed of anything.

10) Your partner should be very open to communication so that you can discuss anything without any fear.

11) Someone with whom you can be yourself and enjoys your freedom.

12) You and your partner should argue or fight in a healthy manner. No bad words or abusing.

13) Someone who can read your eyes better than anybody else.

14) You and your partner should be devoted to each other.

15) Someone who respects your space and you too should do it.

16) A lot of “I love you”, hugs and kisses without any occasion or reason.

17) Someone who spends time with your family and friends.

18) Someone who can spend lazy days with you on bed.

19) Someone who challenges you in a healthy way just to bring best out of you.

20) Mutual trust is an important part. Your partner should trust you completely that you love and support each other.

21) Someone who is always there to listen you and try to understand your things.

22) Your partner should be physically and emotionally connected to you while making love.

23) Someone who can encourage you to achieve more in life.

24) Someone who focuses on future and not on the past.

25) Your partner should be your partner in crime in your madness and silly things.

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