7 Beauty Benefits of Baking Soda

Baking Soda is one thing that you will always find in your kitchen. Baking Soda or sodium bicarbonate is a natural substance which is alkaline in nature. Baking Soda is not only used in cooking but it provides many benefits to skin and hair.

1) Baking Soda helps in reduce acnes by drying out pimples and gets rid of excess oil and dirt from the skin. You can make a paste by adding baking soda, honey and lemon juice for acne treatment.

2) Baking Soda is also beneficial for a glowing skin. For this, you can make a mask of squeezed orange juice and baking soda. As Orange is citric and contains vitamin C, it gives your skin a collagen boost and baking soda has exfoliating properties.

3) Baking Soda helps soothe your sunburn because of its alkaline nature. It has antibacterial properties that helps relieve your itching and dryness on the skin. You simply have to soak a clean cloth in a cup of cold water mixed with baking soda. Sup and keep it on your affected area.

4) Baking Soda is a natural teeth whitening ingredient. It helps remove the stains from your teeth and make them whiter. All you have to do is apply the baking soda and water paste on your toothbrush and brush it.

5) Baking Soda also helps in removing blackheads. It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties which helps the skin to be loosened around the blackheads so that they can be easily removed.

6) Baking Soda is used in dandruff treatment. It helps eliminate the flakes on the scalp and also reduces the fungal growth. It thus, prevents dandruff on your scalp. Just mix lemon juice and baking soda and apply on your scalp. Leave it for sometime and rinse your hair.

7) Baking Soda helps remove the dead skin from your feet. For this, simply add baking soda in lukewarm water in the tub, add lemon juice too. Soak your feet in the tub and then clean.

Note: Here we have used Baking Soda and not Baking powder.

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