7 Ways to reduce Expectations in a Relationship

A relationship means love and happiness but couples make it complicated through expectations. Expectations are natural in a relationship but problem arises when you force your emotions on other people and expect to behave in a manner in which you wanted to be. Here are some ways in which you can reduce your expectations in a relationship:


1. If someone truly loves you, they will understand you. What you need to change is your understanding towards other person. If two people understand each other in a relationship then there will be no room for any expectations.

2. Trust can reduce the expectations in a relationship. If you really trust your partner, then you will understand their expectations as well and also when your expectations doesn’t fulfill .

3. Be realistic with your expectations. Start expecting things that really your partner can fulfill, don’t be unrealistic with your expectations.

4. Put yourself into your partner’s situation and think wisely. If you are fulfilling someone’s expectations it doesn’t mean the other one will also do the same. But if you try to understand others point of view then it will lower your expectations.

5. Lower down your standards and expectations as once you have set your standards high in your expectations than you will end up getting hurt.

6. The easiest way to reduce your expectations in relationship is to say what you want. This way, at least the people you interact with will have a standing chance.

7. Always focus on the positive sides of a person and not on the negative parts. In this way even if your expectations are not satisfied, you will understand the point of view of the other person.

When expectations doesn’t fulfill, it will make you angry , frustrated and disappointed. When you lower down your expectation in any relationship you will find happiness and positivity around you as patience is the key to eliminate expectations. Also, you need to understand that you would’ve been unintentionally failing to fulfill others’ expectations, the same way they fail to fulfill yours. It’s really okay, just tell yourself that this is how things work. Once you will stop expecting you will grow as a person and start thinking big in future.

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