Your man should take these 10 Vows before Marriage


Marriage is a long time commitment between two people who are bind to love together for the rest of their lives. It is the mutual relationship of affection, trust, support and cooperation between the two people which bring them more close to each other. There is a custom in marriage that a girl has to leave her home and parents after marriage and live with her husband and his family for the rest of her life. It’s very painful for a girl to leave her home and family where she have spend so many years and go to a new place with new people. To comfort her girl every man should take these vows before marriage:

1. Respect

Every women demands respect after marriage from her man and his family. A man should respect and accept with her flaws. Someone who respects her differences and respect her point of view too.

2. Loyalty

A man should be loyal, faithful and true towards her women always. Loyalty is one factor which keeps your marriage going .Loyalty comes from your emotional and love devotion, if you truly love someone loyalty will come naturally.

3. Care

All a women need in marriage is care and pamperness from her husband in her sickness and bad times. Women are very strong mentally but they also need someone to understand and care for them.

4. Love and affection

Love is based on the shared experiences, beliefs, trust and believes. Love is the key for a happy marriage .Love means you are willing to sacrifice anything for the your partner and make compromises for your women happily .

5. Take Stand

A man should always take stand for her women in her right decisions after marriage. She has left her home and family only for you , she should also want her man to stand with her shoulder to shoulder .

6. Trust

Your marriage cannot sustain without trust, trust is the most important pillar in your marriage. A man should always trust her women completely and be honest with her always.

7. Helping Hand

Be the man to support your partner always. If She is a women that doesn’t mean she has to care of the house , He should also take the same responsibilities and that will help you to bond better.

8. Communication

Communication is very important in marriage. Spend more time with each other and talk about all the things who you want to discuss. Don’t feel shy to show your true feelings and communicate in a friendly manner.

9. Give Security

Insecurity can ruin your marriage, is the duty of the man to make her women secure financially , emotionally and mentally that you will be there for her at any point of time and also not to be insecure about his wife.

10. Open minded

Personal space is very important for the couples .Even if you are married and madly in love with each other but you can’t share each and everything with your spouse as you are still two individuals. A man should be open minded and should respect privacy.

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