7 Ways to Get Shiny and Healthy Hair

To get a shining and healthy hair is a dream for everyone. But now days, our lives are too hectic that we do not get time to take care of our hair properly. Hair reflects a person’s personality, to get a shining and healthy hair is easy if you follow the right steps and care about your hair. Here are some best hair treatments you can try to nourish and rejuvenate your hair:

1. Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Include more rich food diets and eat nutritious foods that includes proteins, iron, Vitamins like eggs, soya, green veggies, fiber to strengthen your hair. Drink a lot of water is not only good for your skin but for hair as well.

2. Apply oil twice in a week at least to nourish your hair roots. You may try Olive oil, castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil. Make it a routine to massage oil on your scalp as it makes your hair soft and silky and strengthens your roots.

3. Try homemade masks for your shining hair. You don’t need to spend money on expensive market hair masks. You can easily prepare and apply the homemade masks. Mix 2 tsp of olive and egg together, curd and apple cider vinegar, beer and apply it on your hair.

4. Do not use too much heat treatment products on your hair like hair straightener, curler, blow dryer and other chemicals as it will damage your hair . Also avoid pulling and bending your hair too much, when you wear a ponytail or make a bun .

5. Never comb on wet hair as it can lead to breakage of your hair as when your hair is wet one should comb only when your hair are dry enough. You can tangle your wet hair with fingers as when your hair are wet they are weak and delicate from scalp.

6. Apple cider vinegar is very good for natural hair conditioner and shining hair. It balances your hair’s pH level and makes your hair soft and shiny. Try to use apple cider vinegar after you shampooed your hair and rinse it with normal water.

7. Do not shampoo your hair too much, do it only twice in a week. Try to use less chemical free or herbal shampoo for your hair. Also do not wash your hair with too much of hot water even in winters as it will lead to hair damage and breakage , wash your hair with warm or cold water

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