How to Flirt with a Guy at a Party

Some say a woman’s eyes flirt most ; there are so many ways to use them. While others say, women flirt more with what they say, and some with what they do.Well, to be honest, let’s just accept it, we women know all kinds of ways to flirt but the question is, which of those ways is more apparent as well as attractive to the guys?

Fret not, here are some suggestions on how to flirt with a guy at a party or some other place too :-

1) Make and maintain an eye contact

After you’re done ogling at his body, pass some friendly glances at him with a smile. Let him know by your eyes that you’re interested in him.


2) Clear a path to you

Once you’ve made it clear you’re interested through eye contact, make sure that you’re approachable. If you’re seated then go stand somewhere and find situations that will allow him to make the first move.

3) Friendly Flirt

If you’re gonna try some pick-up line at him, you got to make sure it’s not a cheap one but it is actually funny.Lines like, “Is your dad a drug dealer, ’cause you’re dope!” IS A COMPLETE NO-NO. Whereas, “I should call you Google because you’ve everything I was looking for” ; it is cute.


4) Lost and found trick

You can hide your cellphone, your purse or some other thing and approach him to help you find it. Yeah, guys totally love to be the knight and save a damsel in distress!

5) Be bilingual in body language

Get this right and everything will fall into place. Gently touch his arm or hand in response to something funny, and lean in close if it’s a noisy party. A touch can mean so much.

6) Straighten up your posture

You need to look attractive and exude confidence from your body language. 95% of guys find confident women irresistible. Let your body do the talking!

7) Always leave them wanting for more

End the conversation first, even if it’s just to get a drink at the bar or to find your friends. This will give you an elusive aura and will make him chase you. At a party, try moving into a different room, and let him come to you. Remember to always appear delighted when he finds you.

8) Tease away

A bit of gentle teasing goes a long way. Cracking a few jokes at his expense is a sure fire way to get his attention. But remember that there’s a fine line between teasing and offending someone, and prepare for back chat – don’t dish it out unless you can take it.

It’s the 21st Century and women don’t need to feel shy while making the first move anymore.Yeah, why should boys have all the fun?” Bold is beautiful.

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