How you can save your Marriage if heading for a Divorce

“Marriages are made in heaven “we hear at the time of our wedding but this is not the case these days .Divorce is very common these days among the couples due to their differences or any other reason. Divorce is complicated, chaotic and makes any person suffer from depression. There is no second chance after divorce, it is the end because once you are divorces its very difficult to reconcile again. Before you reach to a level where you just want to end your marriage , just work on your marriage by doing some following things :


Most of the marriages break because they don’t have time or don’t try to communicate with each other which lead to misunderstandings. Well if you want your marriage to work try to communicate with each other more and clear out your differences, even talk about the little things or topics so that your partner is ensured you consider them as an important person in their lives.

Do whatever it takes

Couples think that divorce is very normal these days but they don’t know the consequences of the divorce, it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone in life. Do whatever it takes to save your marriage, putting aside you ego and attitude that can ruin your marriage. We all have to make adjustments and compromises in our life and there is nothing wrong about it as it a part of our life.

Stop changing each other

You need to understand that every individual is different and unique and have a different perspective. It’s very common to have a difference of opinions in marriage, it doesn’t mean that you should end it. Try to understand each other and stop changing each other. You can’t expect a change in a person overnight, if one has to change, they will but eventually.

Respect each other

Respect is very important in any relationship or marriage; it acts a pillar which binds two people together. Every individual needs some respect from their partners, so respect each other and accept your partner with all flaws and imperfections. Once you stop respecting your spouse, your marriage will have no real meaning.

Be loyal to each other

Loyalty is also very crucial in any marriage; it makes the other person feel that no matter what it takes you will never cheat on your partner. Cheating is not the solution if you are having bad times in your marriage, it can only destroy your marriage as one can never forgive for cheating upon them, and there is no excuse for cheating.

Give Space

Giving personal space is required in every relationship as everyone needs their own “Me” time sometimes. Even if you are married and madly in love with each other but you can’t share each and everything with your spouse as you are still two individuals who should respect each other privacy and space.

Be nice to each other families

Once you are married, you are not only married to each other but with each other families as well. Having problems with each other families can also demolish your marriage as everyone loves their parents and they cant heard bad things about them. Treat their family as your part of the family and involve them on every occasion of your life.

Physically intimacy

If you want your marriage to work, change your perspective towards physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is very important in any marriage as everyone has some desires and needs that their partner should fulfill. Research shows that couples who get intimate often are likely to be more happy and in love than others, do it with love and passion.

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