10 Signs that shows He is falling for you

Every girl dream of that one someone special but is also scared as it is not easy to fall for someone. The feelings have to be mutual. You might have been dating someone, but you are not sure about the feelings of the other person. You have to be patient and sure before saying your feelings to the person.


Here are some signs that will help you to know what he feels about you.

1) He listens to you- Men are not such great listeners, at some point they even try to avoid the things. But when a man hears your things attentively, you can have the confidence that he is totally into you.

2) He spends time with you- No matter how much he is, he finds time to see you and he loves to spend quality time with you and find your company great.He gives you first priority always over others and make you feel that how much he loves you.

3) He shows concern- He will invest his time to solve your any problem only to bring happiness and smile on your face than he is definitely totally into you.

4) He talks about future- He makes plan with you, discusses about his future with you, then it is the clear sign that he is committed to you.

5) He loves you the way you are- He does not change you or any of your things or habits, If he has truly fallen for you, he will love you the way you are.

6) He pampers you- He pampers you with gifts, takes you out for dinners and surprises you with little things, then he surely is in love with you.

7) He takes your opinions- If he is falling for you, he will listen you carefully, he will ask you for your opinions in his decisions and involves you, suddenly I becomes “We”.

8) He introduces you to family & friends- He is ready to make you meet to his family and friends without any hesitation , then he is the one my girl . A man introduces a girl to his family and friends only when he is in love.

9) He shows you that you are on his mind- He expresses his love to you and show you that he thinks about you all the time, by sending texts, sending flowers or any other small gestures and surprise you occassionally.

10) He is protective for you- He holds your hand in public, he is not shy of PDA’S moments, he protects you in public, then he definitely is falling for you. He will take stand for you and protect from people who are trying to harm or manipulate you.

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