7 Crazy Things we all do when we are Drunk

Well we all have done some weird and crazy stuff when we were drunk . We don’t even realize sometimes and ended up doing stupid things that we might regret later. Some common crazy things we all have done are :

1. Getting emotional

Some people get very emotional when they are drunk and talk about all the emotional stuff they have going through in their life.


2. Reveal your secrets

Sometimes we talk a lot when we are drunk and reveal our little dirty secrets to our friends or strangers that we don’t want to tell it to anyone and feel embarrassed about it.


3. Call your EX

We all have been in love at least once in our lives and we still miss our EX and have so much deep hurt or anger in our hurt that we want to tell them but never has the courage to do that .But when you are drunk you are not in a normal state and ended up calling your EX.


4. Get flirtatious

It doesn’t matter if you are single or committed, if you have find some hot attractive guy /girl in a party we all get a little flirtatious at that moment and ended up giving them your mobile number.


5. Dance like crazy

We all are not professional dancers and feel shy in dancing in front of so many people but when you are drunk nobody can stop your Govinda or Sunny leone moves.


6. Tell your friends the truth

Everyone has different kind of friends in their friend circle, some are nagging, Kanjoos , irritating and have different personality traits. When we drink with our friends we can’t control our senses and tell them the truth about them that –Yes , you are Bitchy man.


7. Fall asleep on the floor

We sometimes get so drunk that we have no control on our senses and brain and ended up being fall asleep on the couch or floor.


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