7 Signs that shows you are not Ready for Marriage

Marriage is a life time commitment but there are some people who do not intend to get married because they are mentally and emotionally not prepared. Some even don’t know the reason and some don’t even realize that right now marriage is not the right thing to do. Here are signs that should help you to discover if you are ready for marriage right now or not :

You have Emotional baggage from past

Everyone has a past, a relationship that have never worked or never meant to be. If you think you are still stuck in the past or have not forgotten the other person then definitely don’t go for the marriage at the moment as you will ruining two lives and marriage is a life time commitment. Move on with life, forget the past and think about your future.

You want to focus on your career

With marriage also comes the financial burden on the couples and you need to take out time for your personal life apart from your professional career. If you think that you are not financially stable right now and want to focus more on your career at the moment, then wait for the right time for marriage.

You are not ready for the responsibilities

Marriage comes with a bag of lot of responsibilities, you need to put your partners priority first and then yours. You need to manage your household work and professional life together at the same time without any complaints. If you think there will be burden of responsibilities on you and you can’t accept the change coming into your life, then think once more about marriage.

You are having second thoughts

Your family members might be pushing you a lot for marriage but if your intuitions says NO and you are having second thoughts about it , then take some more time before you settle down for marriage. You need to very sure that yes you will be able to make it work; otherwise you will end up regretting your decision.

You are a Spoilt brat

To make one marriage work, you need to adjust a lot after marriage and makes compromises for your partner and become a selfless person who can’t have so many expectations in life. We are stuck in such busy lives and our own illusion that we have become selfish and only think about ourselves. If you think you are not ready for any adjustments and you are a spoilt brat, don’t rush into marriage.

You have Hidden secrets

If you have dark hidden secrets in your life that you think once come out can affect your marriage then wait for the time once you clear out all the mess from your life. Everyone has secrets in their life and there is nothing wrong about it , don’t hide it accept the truth and tell your partner the truth before heading for marriage.

You are a Flirt

A marriage requires three pillars – Commitment, Honesty and Loyalty, without these you cannot survive in a marriage. Let’s face it if you know you are still mingling with a lot of other people and you are not ready for a long time commitment and still a big flirt, then don’t rush into marriage. There’s nothing wrong with some flings or casual relationships, but don’t bring it into a marriage.

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