5 Life lessons you can learn from movie “SANJU “

“Sanju” is a movie based on the real life of actor Sanjay Dutt. Which shows fictional characters and events that directed by Rajkumar Hirani. There are many real life lessons that we can learn from the life of Sanjay Dutt .

Choose your friends wisely

In the starting days of his career, Sanju hang out with a group of “friends” who cheated him for his money. One of them acts as his closest friend, and for the money put his life into danger and vend drugs to him and make him an drug addict. However, on the other hand he met his dearest friend Kamlesh “Kamli”, who later becomes his best friend. In the bad days of his life, Kamli was there for Sanju and is still friends with him.

You can deal with the Depression

His career and personal life has many ups and downs. He doesn’t even remember the last moments of his mother’s life because he was stoned. His girlfriend ends up marrying someone else because of his addiction to drugs . When Sanju was in depression and become a drug addict, he goes to his dad, and asks him for help. Sunil Dutt admitted him to Rehab, where Sanju spend nearly one and half year and overcome with the problem of drugs.

You fall, then you pick yourself up

At Rehab, Sanju starts to pick himself up. However the withdrawal symptoms become too painful, and his body craves drugs. He runs away from Rehab, during which time, he begs till his father finds him, and gets him back into rehab. This time though, Sanju is determined to make it. He is inspired by the image of his mother to put in the effort needed to recover.

Invest in yourself and work on your strengths

Sanju hits the gym with a vengeance . He puts all his anger, frustration and insecurities into lifting weights, and no longer seeks solace in drugs. He improves his acting skills, picks roles that suit his image, and builds on his strengths. A key turning point in his acting career is when he signs up for the role of “Munnabhai MBBS” with father Sunil Dutt which he plays effortlessly.

If you are right , your time will come

Sanju was tagged as a terrorist by the media, under the TADA act. A lawyer advises him to accept the charges and turn approver, in exchange for which he can get him released, after which he can flee from India and live abroad. Sanju refuses to accept the refusal. He is sentenced to prison for 5 years for possession of arms, but the Supreme Court does not find him to be a terrorist. He served his time and is finally released later.

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