7 Reasons Why relationships are better than Flings

Relationships can be boring and complicated sometimes but they are any day better than just flings or casual affairs. The only difference between real relationships and flings is LOVE. When there is no only lust and obsession with the person then the relationship will not last long. Here are some reasons why relationships are better :

Sense of Security

Once you are in a relationship, you will feel more secure in life as you have someone in life who will do anything for you and leave no stone turned to make you happy. Flings are more of a casual relationship and there will be no feeling of secureness in that.

It lasts forever

Flings will eventually end one day as it is not based on love , where committed relationships will last forever as there will be love , commitment, loyalty , trust in a relationship.

Guilt free feeling

In relationships there will be no guilt feeling but in flings who knew that somewhere you are guilty and will end up hurting the other person as there will be no commitment.

Stress free life

In relationships couples feel more happy and live a stress free life as you knew that someone is always there for you in your bad times. In flings you can’t count on the other person and tends to build up stress gradually.

More respect

Society accepts people who are in a committed or stable relationship whereas an affair will never gets appreciation from the society or gets worthy respect.Moreover you can also expect respect from your partner in relationships.

You will be more responsible

In relationships, your partner will always point out your mistakes and will make you a better and more responsible person in life. You will never get serious in flings and will never feel responsible to answer anything.

Intimacy based on Love

Flings will always be based on lust or friends with benefits . In relationships real intimacy will be found based on love with emotional attachment and feelings.

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