A Letter to the Mother Who Never Stopped Loving Her Daughter

To the Mother who never stopped loving me,

Mother’s love is the purest love, it is not something that we can describe in one word, and it is purely selfless love. Mothers are more attached to their daughters as they want to protect their daughters from the outside world out there where there are people who are mean, selfish and cruel. A mother is full of Love, care, feelings which cannot be expressed and nothing can take the place of a mother not even your husband or partner. Her love is truly magical, unconditional and she can do anything to protect you. If there is one thing that is constant, when the whole world around us is changing, it is our Mom’s Love.

I want to thank my mom for taking care of me day and night and expecting nothing in return. I want to apologize to her for being rude and when I let you down by making stupid mistakes. You always stood up for me and forgive me for my each and every mistake. You are not only my mother , you are my strength , my sister , my friend, my well wisher and my super hero who teach me how I should say strong always and the basic lessons of life. Nothing is more relaxing than sleeping in your lap. You have always supported me in my big decisions make me an independent person. I am mentally and emotionally stronger because of you, I am not dependent on anyone but I will always be thankful to you for giving me such a beautiful life.

You never abandoned me even after my marriage, you stand there as my rock and always supported me. You listened to all my endless conversations, without even blinking your eye. Lastly, I just want to tell you that you are the most important person in life and will always be, no one can take your place and I love you for giving me selfless love and bringing me into this world.

Your loving daughter

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