Different Types of People you meet in Public Transit

We all travel in public transport in our day to day life like Metro, Local trains, Buses , Autos and meet different types of people during your ride and must have some weird experiences as well. Some of the examples are:

Music Lover

Some people listen to music just to enhance their mood and some are just music addict. We all have seen people travelling with their headphones and music on all the time and are lost in their own world.


While travelling in public transport is the time to gossip or chat a little about your daily routine on phone or with friends and family. They are sometimes so loud that we can listen to their gossips and get some entertainment out of it.

Love Birds

Couples are very common in public transit but what is not common is their intimacy and PDA. We all get a little uncomfortable while watching these kinds of lovey dovey couples.

The Sleeper

We all get tired from travelling from home to office and then office to home and it takes most of their time in travelling. You will find some people fall asleep and take a nap while travelling.

Book addict

Some people just love to read and you will always see them reading some book or novel while travelling and they don’t even bother what is happening around them.

Internet addict

Youngsters and teenagers are more addicted to the internet surfing that they can barely notice you. All they want to do check out their likes and comments on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat no matter how jammed is the public transport.

The Frustrated One

We all have ups and downs in our life and you can make out from their face only that how frustrated the other one is and we all take frustration while travelling and fight with unknown people for any damn reason.

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