Why Karenjit Kaur – An Untold Story of Sunny Leone Web Series is a Must watch

Sunny Leone, A story which is not untold, but if dramatised is very bold for every Indian audience who is having the addiction of watching contemporary daily soaps with the similar plot of love , obsession or revenge. Sunny Leone!!!!! Oops, what I said? Yes, Sunny Leone, the name which is not often known in the so-called decent family, however, the irony is same family members might have secretly searched her on google to know most about her, and that’s why she is most googled living person on earth. Ok theories over and coming to the point Karenjit Kaur-An Untold Story of Sunny Leone!!! A new web series launched on ZEE 5 is why a must watch? Yes, you read it right its Must to watch web series .

Now a question arises why she deserves a Biopic? Neither she has done anything significant for her country like living legends Sachin Tendulkar, or MS Dhoni or Milkha Singh nor she has struggled past of drugs or jail as of Sanjay Dutt. In fact, to portray legends on 70 mm, there are ample of actors who worked exceptionally day and night physically and mentally to get align with the role they are working. Farhan Akhtar and Ranbir Kapoor have set the benchmark for current trends of Biopics in our Bollywood.

It was an excellent confrontation for the former adult star to quit her ongoing successful career in adult industry in the USA where it was the legal profession and to moveback to home country India for the dream career in Bollywood.
Movies like Jism, Ek paheli Leela, Mastizaade couldn’t make Big Bang at the box office, but all of her dance item number songs are huge hits on YouTube, and still, she is the most watched celebrity on the Internet whether its Global or India.

Here are Top reasons why Karenjit Kaurr: The untold story of Sunny Leone is must watch

1. IMDB is like an international standard of ratings, and the show gains the rating of 8.5 on it

2. The direction of show bounds audience to be seated from Pilot episode to the last event and journey of the Adult star is depicted in a unique way of storytelling

3. The Bonding of Brother and Sister is beautifully portrayed, in fact, few scenes capture the narration by her brother himself; however, a situation in which brother sells signed picture of adult star sister is not accepted in Indian culture. But everyone has his own independent perspective and justification of same has been tried by the director to the audience. The thought process of the brother is debatable, and this article is not for that!!!!

4. The storytelling in all 10 episodes is like Merry Go round of Sunny Leone’s Journey from her teenage to adulthood. Every single event is blended of her story from her living at home, life at school, working at an office and finally the path to an adult film industry

5. The transformation of Shy, introvert, in confident Karenjit Kaur into the Bold, Beautiful & Sexy avatar of Sunny Leone is an extravaganza for the audience

6. The principle of Karma is beautifully revealed in one of an episode as the person for whom Karenjit Kaur works continuously humiliates her in daily routine, however, after bold move in career, the same person gets a return from her. Life gives a chance to everyone!!!!!

7. The stupendous performance of Sunny Leone as herself and Interviewer played by Raj Arjun (Secret Superstar Fame) is incredible superb whereas war of words between both of them is merely noteworthy .

To conclude, Sunny Leone’s web series marked as Season 1 gives loads of entertainment with a question in mind that whatever she did was it right or wrong? But at the same time, it was her choice though it may be right for some and wrong for others!!!! Every decision has some Pros and cons, and that’s what is this Web Series!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Why Karenjit Kaur – An Untold Story of Sunny Leone Web Series is a Must watch

  • August 7, 2018 at 4:03 am

    The subject of Sunny Leone is very challenging in India, but whatever you described is elegantly written with a clear thought process.

  • August 8, 2018 at 2:02 am

    In my opinion, she deserves respect for all that she has done in her lifetime.. We all work for our living but more important is to do so without interfering into others personal life and at the same time maintain a right balance in relationship.. and that is exactly what she has achieved successfully so far. Nothing is right or wrong as long as we don’t someone intentionally.

    She is a nice human being and I wish her all the very best..


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