What you can do on Friendship’s Day to make your Friends feel Special

Friendship is the only relationship which we get or find on our own. They are not blood related but not even less than that. We choose our friends. It is the mutual relationship of affection, trust, support and cooperation between two or more persons. Friends can make you laugh louder, smile brighter and live happier.They care for you when you are broken. They love you for who you are and make the good times better and the hard times easier. Here what you can do on Friendship’s day to make your friends feel special :


1. You can gift each other Greeting cards , quotations, Teddy bears and Friendships bands to remind each other of old times .

2. You can tag each other on Facebook posts or Memes to bring a smile on your friend’s face.

3. The best gift to give your friends is personalized gifts like I love my Friend written on Coffee mugs and trophies , cushion covers, customized jewelry or household item which she can use and remember for a long time.

4. Book an appointment at salon for them for manicure, pedicure, facial , hair spa and body massage. What is better to spend a day at salon for ladies to release their stress.

5. Talk to each other if you haven’t communicated in a long time. Spend time with each other , go out for dinner or lunch and enjoy exotic food at their different restaurant to make them feel special.

6. Go out for Shopping , Women love to shop and nothing works better than two friends going for shopping and spending time with each other.

7. Forget all the misunderstandings and fights that you had with your friends in the past with hugs , smiles and love .

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