Cheap Make up and Accessories Storage Ideas you can try at Home

All girls out there spend so much on expensive make up and our accessories as we all want to look our best every day but to organize or store our stuff is very important so that we can everything on time especially when we are in a hurry . If we do not organize our stuff, there are high chances that our things can get misplaced or broken.

You can try some storage ideas that you can easily get it from home:

1. Chocolate Boxes:

We all love chocolates and buy chocolate boxes or get it as a gift from someone else. Once your chocolates are finished, don’t throw the box in the dustbin; use it to store your make up and other stuff.

2. Glasses or Mugs:

You can anytime use the mugs and glasses that are available at your home to organize your make up stuff like liners, kajal pencils, brushes.

3. Old Photo Frame:

We all have old photo frames available at our home. You can remove the photo and place your accessories on the cardboard.

4. Re use Plastic Bottles:

We all have plastic bottles at our home, you can reuse it at home and store your make up in it.

5. Old Plastic Boxes :

You can store your accessories in old plastic boxes or buy it online as well at very reasonable cost.

6. Wedding Lifafas :

We all get cash in fancy lifafas or boxes and throw it after taking out cash but you can always utilize it by putting your make up and accessories.

7. Old Pencil Boxes :

We all remember our old boxes and still have it in our homes, you can now put your daily essentials in it and even carry it in your hand bags.

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