What are Some Facts MEN should know about Women

All men think that mostly women are confused or think too much , but they always keep secrets . We all are secretive but women are more secretive than men. Here are some of the secrets that they never tell men:

1. Men don’t like to share everything and they don’t want their girl to share everything to others too, but mostly women share each and everything with their BFF’S and sister, they might not tell men about it but they definitely do.

2. Women get easily attracted to men who are good looking and have great sense of humor.

3. When men ask “Are you OK”, and the girl replies with “I’m fine”, she’s probably lying. She probably feels like crap and has something on her mind.

4. Women love to dominate men and people around them and also want attention. So when men don’t give attention to them, they will get anxious. So always appreciate and praise them.

5. Women really like when men do chivalrous acts like opening doors, carrying their bags, pulling chairs, listening to them .

6. They are the best stalkers in the world , Whatever you do or say she will stalk you from all the social media accounts or friends especially when it comes to the man we love .

7. Women are more on the emotional side than logical and practical; they take most of the decisions based on their emotions and not logically.

8. Women get attracted easily towards physically smart man but attraction stays for more time when he is intelligent or have good sense of humor.

9. Our “hmm” or Ok doesn’t mean we’re not interested or end of conversation. It means that we want you to take lead and talk to us.

10. Women are jealous and feel envy when they see other girls looking good and better than them.

11. Yes, we stare at you because we want to talk to you and we’ll keep staring at you until it becomes obvious. But, they want men always to start the conversation first.

12. Women love surprises. But if you don’t want to get yourself killed then make sure you don’t even give them a hint of the surprise you’ve been planning.

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