8 Must things every Girl should carry in her Make Up Bag

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s personality, which is why every woman keep a little makeup bag or pouch in her bag that holds every little thing she needs to look good, fresh and beautiful. In fact, most women won’t leave the house without taking the makeup bag.

Here are a few basics that you don’t want to be without.

1) Primer 

Face Primer is essential. It keeps your skin looking smooth and it will ensure a flawless base that keeps your makeup fresh all day long. It moisturises your skin.

2) Foundation

You need to choose the right foundation depending on your skin tone. It blends with your skin smoothly and covers all your imperfections, if any.

3) Concealer

It helps brighten up and hides the imperfections under your eyes. It can cover even the darkest under eye circles if used properly. Use a sponge to blend it in your skin properly.

4) Blush

Blushes come in powder and creams. Powder is more easy and quick to use. It comes in different skin tones so choose wisely according to yours. Blusher gives you rosy-cheeked fresh and glowing look on your face. Don’t apply in the middle of your cheeks, apply in the line of your cheekbones.

5) Eyeshadow

it comes in so many different colours and finishes, and there are so many ways to use. It highlights your eyes by making it beautiful.

6) Mascara

 It highlights your eye lashes as it lifts them upwards. Black is the best, however a few women use coloured mascaras too.

7) Eyeliner and Kajal

it add extra magic to your eyes. There are many styles to apply eyeliners like the winged, thin and thick and many more. You can try different styles according to your eyes. Kajal is a must to give your eyes a shape.

8) Lipstick

No woman can forget to use a lipstick. It gives you a sensuous look. You can choose the shades according to the occasion and attire.

So all the girls, get all the things and fill your makeup bag or pouch with all the products to look beautiful….

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