Top 5 Movies to watch in 3D

There was a time when black and white video set was a craze among the generation born in and near the 1980’s. The epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata were the only source of entertainment among masses.
Currently, we are in 2018, and now entertainment has reached a too much higher altitude of direction, technology and VFX, what we call as the complete package of chilling entertainment.

Previously due to the limitation in technology, it was the only storyline, which kept the audience engaged in content but now 3D, and 4DX technology marks a new level of experience. 4DX is still fresh for developing nations, but 3D movies entertainment has reached to home cinema experience, and here we come with the top 5 movies signifying a lot of pop out 3d effects.


James Cameron is a master of cult movies like Terminator 1 & 2, Titanic etc. but Avatar is the piece of cinema famous for its story line and pop out effects. A must watch for every movie buff as it takes you into a new world cinematic experience.

Marvel Avengers

All Avengers series, with the latest addition ‘Infinity wars’ again a must watch. All marvel superheroes in one movie is a piece of cake for every below 18, and above and with 3d effects, it is icing on the cake.

Toy Story Series

An exciting movie from the company of Steve jobs, i.e. Pixar. The Pixar 3d films tend to look amazing, like a strange reality where toys are alive and make you feel their world in existence.

Edge of Tomorrow

This movie is a reason for girls to watch it again and again, Why? The Answer is Tom Cruise, and if he comes to Sci-Fi Fiction with 3D Pop out effects, every girl says ” Take my Breath Away.”
Sincerely Must watch!!!!

Life of Pi

Pi was just a mathematical constant until this masterpiece was released. An Ang Lee movie with the struggle of the protagonist to survive in Sea with a hungry tiger. The film takes the audience to the bonding of human and man-eater in a unique way of storytelling with narration from Protagonist himself. The film has breathtaking scenes in 3D and is must watch for the weekend.

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