7 Ways to Improve relationship with your Colleagues at Work Place

There will always be difficult people in your office that doesn’t like you, no matter how much you are good with them, you will always feel that you are the alone survivor in the office because they are envious of your success and growth. It can be annoying and stressful some times, and can reduce your productivity also in the office. Research shows, the happier you are in the environment, and you will be more productive and creative in your work. Here are some ways where you can improve your relationship with your colleagues;

Stop pointing other’s mistakes

It’s easier to see others flaws and mistakes than your own. Simply avoid getting into any trouble by pointing at other mistakes. Instead, focus on yourself and let others realize their own mistakes and learn from it.

Avoid Troublesome People

There will always be difficult people at your work place that constantly bitches about you, well don’t get in to verbal arguments with them as they will only make you lose focus from your work. Instead avoid these kind of people and let them say whatever they want to.


We all are busy in our works and don’t communicate well with our superiors and colleagues. Some don’t have the time and some don’t communicate because of ego problems. It is very important to give respect and earn respect from your co workers, for that you really need to communicate well with them.

Don’t make unnecessary assumptions

Assumptions are one of the main culprits for misunderstandings, lost sales, and failed performances. Don’t make unnecessary assumptions and don’t think too much . Only believe what you see not what you hear from someone , make decisions with open eyes.

Accept the environment

You have to accept the environment to fit in your office first. You need to understand that it is a part and parcel of your work and accept the reality in a positive way and don’t let the negativity affect you.

Observe People

The best way to survive at workplace is to observe and try to know your colleagues better. Do not be afraid of politically powerful people in the organization, try to know them and establish peer relationships with them.

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