7 Different Types of Eye Makeup every Women should know

Makeup is an essential part of a woman’s personality, which is why Eye makeup is the most important soul of makeup and should be done properly. So next time if you want to look stunning on Saturday night, check out different types of Eye makeup:

1. Natural Eyes

The simplest and quickest of all is the natural eye makeup where you just need to apply kajal and a stroke of eyeliner.

2. Shimmery Eyes

This style involves applying shimmer eye shadow or glitter on your eye-lid giving your eyes a glittering touch, you can use this make up for parties.

3. Cat Eyes

Cat eye makeup will give you a chic look and is in fashion since 1960’s.You need to apply eyeliner over the edge of eyes.

4. Gradient Eyes

This will be the best eye makeup which is very much in trend these days. It involves using a lighter eye shade in the beginning and a darker eye shade towards the end.

5. Heavy Eyeliner

Forget the kajal or any eye shadow, just apply heavy liner on your eyes which will give you a diva look.

6. Cut Crease Eyes

This eye look involves adding a crease to give your shadow an ultra glamorous look. The crease is made to contract the shades on the lid.

7. Smokey eyes

Smokey eye makeup is very much in trend , it should be done when you have to do rest of the makeup very minimal. You need to apply darker eye shadow on your eyes like black or grey and blend it properly.

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