What is the Best Morning routine to Stay Fit

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is a very important part of your day, not only because it will allow you to perform better the day after and reduces your stress level, but there are actually many health benefits associated with good sleep. One should have a minimum 7- 8 hours of sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drink your Energy Booster

It is always good to have warm water, honey and lemon empty stomach, and before you begin for the day. You can also try green tea , lemon tea, Jeera water on empty stomach. It not only detoxify your body but also helps you in maintaining your weight.


Take out 10-15 minutes for mediation in the morning. Mediation will help your mind to relax and let go of it what is not required in your life unnecessarily. Meditation holds the power to your peace of mind, learn patience and improve your inner self.


The best way to reduce weight or to maintain your weight is to do any kind of exercise in which you are more comfortable with like yoga, walk, gymming , aerobics or any other kind of physical activity. Exercising in the morning is a great way to start your day off and create a positive routine.

Unplug Yourself from Mobile and Gadgets

We all have habit of checking our phone in the morning when we wake up. Silence your phone, switch off the TV and music, don’t surf anything on the internet and spend time with your family. It will make your happy and improve your mood in the morning and make you feel fresh. Silence is good for the brain.

Take a Shower

Take a good cold shower will wake you up and make you fresh and get ready for the day. Showering after exercise would be good for your skin as it washes away all the sweat and dirt from your body.

Eat Healthy Breakfast

Never skip your breakfast because Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it boost up your metabolism and will give you energy throughout the day. Your Breakfast should include carbs, proteins and fiber. Carbs gives you energy throughout the day, fiber helps you to digest food easily. You can try healthy options like boiled eggs with brown breads, cornflakes with milk, sprouts, upma, Poha , Oats, etc

Play music while you’re getting ready.

Music changes moods. You might want to start your morning with upbeat music, or you might prefer something calming and relaxing; whatever you choose, be sure it makes you feel good and charges your morning

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