6 Behaviors One Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship


A common complain that we get to hear a lot from our partner is that“You have no time for me and for this relationship”. Once you feel that you are being ignored by your partner and have no time for you then its time to move on from that relationship. Like when you have sent messages, your partner is online, seen the message, but chose not to reply! This is unacceptable.

Violence and Abusive language

No one should tolerate any kind of physical violence in any relationship. Once you realize that you are in a physical and mental abusive relationship, its better to step out at that time only. Sometimes when we fight or argue, we may say or act something very bad that our partner gets hurt. This affects the relationship in a negative manner.

Expecting you to be Perfect

Expecting you to read their minds all the time and act accordingly. This is perhaps the most stressful thing in a relationship as we all are humans not robots. Keeping your thoughts and ideas at the back of your head and expecting us to understand by facial expressions is horrible. We may not be correct in all situations.


Never accept disrespect or disloyalty at all, from anyone, esp your partner because your showing them that your not worthy of respect and loyalty if you accept the fact that they have been disrespectful as well as disloyal.. Bitterness, disrespect is negative emotions that are not good for a healthy relationship at all.

Lack of support

Relationships are all about loving and supporting your partner. But lack of support, especially when you are in need, is a major complication in a relationship. If your partner is there only in good times and not supporting you in your bad phase, then what is the use of such a relationship. After all, we expect support only from our loved ones.

Egoistic Behavior

No relationship is perfect. But if you want to make yours a perfect one, then keep your ego aside. We easily forget the love and compromises and sacrifices that our partner has done for us. But we simply hold on with our anger and grudges and the relationship gets worse. So if your partner is very egoistic and is not apologetic about their mistakes, it should not be tolerated.

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