7 Indian Snack Low Calorie Healthy Food Options

Health is a major concern these days for everyone . Your daily diet food should include carbs, proteins and fiber more and less fats and carbohydrates . Carbs gives you energy throughout the day, fiber helps you to digest food easily. Here are some Indian Healthy Food options you can try :


Add vegetables and peanuts to make rava idli more healthy. Upma is made with minimum oil and can be eaten at breakfast or lunch. Its not only delicious but healthy option too.


One of the best quality of sprouts is that it helps in digestion and improves your metabolism. Sprouts are high in nutrients and contain high number of enzymes which will help you in weight loss too. It contains high fibre content, protein and are low in fat.


The best time to eat Poha or puffed rice is in the breakfast. Poha is very light , easy to prepare and a good source of energy. It is easily digestive and contains high nutritional values , iron and carbohydrates. You can add vegetables and peanuts too in poha.


Daliya is a light and healthy dish which makes it an excellent breakfast choice filled with lots of fiber. Try to cook it with vegetables as it contains a lot of proteins and less fat, it will help you to lose weight quickly.


Dhokla is made with gram flour which is rich in fiber and iron and very less in calories and will be a great breakfast option for you.


Idlis are just steamed rice with no oil and is very an healthy option. You can replace rice and make idly with oats or ragi for making it super healthy. Rava idli, which is quite healthy, easy, very soft and you can also add veggies like carrot and capsicum with some cashew nuts to make it more delicious.

Moong Dal Cheela

This is one of the healthy options for low fat, healthy and nutritious breakfast which is made from Moong dal with minimum oil and contains very less calories. Moong dal will be a great source of proteins especially for vegetarians.

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