Karenjit Kaur Season 2 Review

Sept 16,2018 marks the continuation of the story of Karenjit Kaur aka Sunny Leone in Entertainment world as Season 2 on ZEE 5, and indeed, it deserves a massive round of applause. Sunny Leone who is always treated as eye candy in the entertainment industry emerged as a very talented actor for the portrayal of her own past and defended her thought process very well, But actress Grusha Kapoor who played her mother steals the show. She is the USP of the whole web series and Bijoy Anand who played father to protagonist and husband to Grusha Kapoor lead his character to perfection. The emotional agitation sequence between Sunny Leone and Grusha Kapoor justifying their perspective towards self-addiction is worth watching and very beautifully directed.

The season 2 is promptly released after the end of season 1 and level of direction has been taken to higher altitude making the web series must watch.

Karenjit Kaur is not only a story of Sunny Leone, but a saga of the bond within the family, which depicts in spite of having emotional turmoil due to personal choices of family members the family is blended for each other, and that makes this series a complete entertainer.

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