5 Reasons Why Being Straight Forward is a Bad Idea Sometimes

The general phrase we hear in our lives is ‘Honesty is the best policy’ and people should follow this, this shouldn’t be followed in a blind way. It depends on who are you dealing with and must know where you should be straight forward. If you are dealing with who can take critic lightly, then there is no harm in opening your mind and heart as they will understand you and follow your advice. But sometimes being honest and straight forward is not a good idea because it may hurt other people emotions. Straight forward nature completely depends on your intelligence. Here are some reasons why being straight forward is not a good option sometimes and you should totally avoid it.

People will call you rude

No matter how much you are nice with people, they will call you rude and shrewd if you will be honest with them and give your opinions. No one can take criticism easily and there will be only very few people who will understand your straight forwardness nature.

You will have less friends and social life

Because of your honesty and straight forward nature, people will not like to socialize and be friends with you. Being blunt is ok but you should the difference between what to speak and when to speak.

You will not feel sorry for what you have said

That’s the main problem with the honest people, they will always think that they are right and will not be apologetic to anyone. Being straight forward is good but to survive one should know diplomacy as well.

You will feel very lonely and emotional

Honest people are always emotional and sentimental, you will think that no one understands you and feel lonely most of the time with less number of friends. The only person with whom you are comfortable is you only.

You will hurt people feelings

Being honest and blunt will end up hurting people emotions and they will blame you for that. Even if you want to control your emotions and don’t want to hurt others, but in some way people will get hurt because may be you have said the right thing but not in the right way.

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