How a Tulsi Plant can benefit you

Tulsi plant is the most worshipped plant in India and is placed in almost every house. It is to be believed that keeping Tulsi plant in your house brings good luck, prosperity and good health. Tulsi plant is also used for medicinal purposes and other benefits too like:

1. Tulsi is fragrant and scented as chewing tulsi leaves cures bad breath.

2. Tulsi act as an anti ageing solution and tulsi face masks makes skin soft and younger.

3. Research suggests that Chewing Tulsi leaves daily can also helps in curing cancer and considered it as very useful.

4. It is also very beneficial for diabetic patients, soak tulsi leaves in water overnight and drink it early in the morning.

5. It is also served as antibiotic natural remedy like if you are having fever, cough, cold and throat infection.

6. Tulsi leaves are a complete immune booster, have a habit of chewing tulsi leaves on a regular basis.

7. It can also help you to get rid of acidic or gastric problems. Also if you are facing stomach infections or cramps, drink tulsi water or chew tulsi leaves.

8. It also works as an appetizer and relive your digestive system and constipation if you consume it before meals.

9. Research shows that Tulsi also controls your anxiety and stress levels.

10. Tulsi also acts as a detoxifier as it cleans the toxins and waste from your body to increase your immune system.

Tulsi is extensively used in cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, medicines, toothpaste, face packs, face wash and creams as it also improves your skin smoothness and cures your tooth ache too. So develop an habit of chewing 3-4 tulsi leaves routinely and consume tulsi water and tulsi juice once or twice in a week.

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